Since Siam Botanicals burst (ahem) onto the twitter scene a few months ago, we’ve ‘met’ lots of like-minded people. But in spreading the word with regard to the benefits of natural skin care, it’s important that we make a concerted effort NOT to scaremonger and exaggerate the dangers of all non-natural products. It could put off the very people we’re hoping to attract: ‘There are bad chemicals in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!’, we hear them cry in despair. ‘What difference will changing my face cream make if there are cancer-causing substances in everything I eat and touch and breathe?’

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Look on the back of your skin and hair care products, make-up, deodorant, room sprays, washing-up liquid and any other lotions and potions you can get your hands on: can you see the word ‘fragrance’ (or perhaps ‘scent’, or ‘parfum’) in the ingredients list? Do you know what this is?

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If you follow green beauty blogs or are a supporter of natural/organic products, the chances are you will have already heard about the dangers associated with microbeads. Manufacturers use them in exfoliating products because they are less abrasive (and no doubt a lot cheaper) than natural, biodegradable alternatives. But these tiny plastic balls are proving environmentally problematic: after being washed down our drains, they slip through waste-treatment systems unhindered and wend their merry way directly into our seas and lakes…  Read More