When we think about the dangers lurking in our skin care and our food, the focus is usually on the threat posed by artificial chemicals and additives. A climate of fear has built up around chemicals. The word ‘chemical’ is frequently misused by green skin care and organic food aficionados – and the industry itself – to mean something really bad; something poisonous that must be avoided at all costs. We talk about living chemical-free lives, and how evil mainstream cosmetics companies cynically stuff their products full of chemicals. Of course, we all know what is meant by this lazy language, and perhaps it’s nothing but pedantry to pick up on it… Read More

Why oil cleansing works

The oil cleansing method was the hot topic of conversation in a #tweetchat I recently took part in. To a large extent we were preaching to the converted – the majority of those who joined in with the chat were already big fans – but there were some people who had tried it and felt it wasn’t for them. Read More

In this new series of blog posts, we will be focusing on some of the individual ingredients in Siam Botanicals products, looking into their provenance and talking about their amazing properties and the therapeutic skin care benefits they provide. First up is one of our signature ingredients, Lemongrass (Cymbopogon)… Read More

Business in Heels (BIH) is Australia’s premier business networking group for women, and this year, thanks to Nicola Jones-Crossley, it has arrived in Bangkok. BIH aims to connect like-minded businesswomen and provide them with opportunities to meet, socialize and share ideas with one another at informal meet-ups… Read More